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It Takes a Village- Epilogue by determamfidd It Takes a Village- Epilogue by determamfidd

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Spike only wants things to stay the same. Time, however, has other ideas. He's going to need a lot of help... an everypony story.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye:

Cover image by the wonderful :iconrannva:
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Chapus2009 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow. What amazing story. The actions, interactions and talks between the canon characters of FiM: MLP look natural; their personalities are well played and it feels like it came right out of the show, we can feel the tight connections between the many characters, and I have to praise you on this point: the OCs blend in perfectly, neither disturbing the plot and they just seem to perfectly fit in the world of MLP.

The plot is intriguing and unique, we always want to read more to know what happens, we can feel the tension and happiness, and there is a good balance between good and bad moments. 

So sir, I applaud you on this magnificent story you have written, I believe, from the bottom of your heart. I really loved reading this, so, thank you. <3
Cryptid1399 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Despite the fact that my own writing skills aren't that good, I can tell the difference between a good and a bad read. This, sir, was an excellent one.
determamfidd Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
*blush* Thank you so very much!
Cryptid1399 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You are most welcome. It's a shame there aren't more stories like this.
jacorey Featured By Owner May 25, 2012
aww boo felt somethin between spike n huffy. but it turns out was wrong. they have been couple. Great story by da way.
MassEffective09 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012
Thank you immensely for writing this incredible story determamfidd. You have truly got a talent.

Once again, thank you so much.


DJ-Ghetto-Headphones Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My, my. I don't think I've ever read something so well-written, or inspiring! So many important messages, insightful quotes and moments that just made my heart turn to mush (In a good way, of course!).

In addition, each experience and obstacle that Spike ultimately overcame made the adventure so much more worthwhile, adding even more for me to learn as I continued through this amazing story. Also, the dialogue was funny. My personal favorite was Spike before he ran the obstacle course: "Your faith in me is much appreciated and completely misplaced!"

Thank you so much for opening me up to so many new ideas, philosophies, and that sometimes, greed and jealousy aren't always a bad thing. Especially when it means protecting and defending those dear to you, when given the opportunity. Don't stop writing, either! I'd probably explode twice if I saw you starting another fanfic (Sorry, had to steal that one. You can have it back whenever you want. ;P)

I don't know what else to do to show my appreciation for this fanfic, so I'll just throw these in. :XD:
deathshadow1991 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2012
after spending the last 3 days reading through this i must say that my time was well spent, it is sad to see how low the views for this great work are but may time be the cure for that. Seriously this story is right up there with Fillistata and Allegrezza with me and even makes me want to write my own fanfiction and take a break from comics. The only problem i did end up having after everything is it seemed to just wrap up to nicely, mostly it's just personal preference but retaining battle scars or something else would be an interesting addition. I guess Spike had enough to go through being different to make up for it though. Anyway, keep doing what you do cause your awesome and i cannot wait to read more from you.
MsBlackrobin Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love how you found the loophole to a dragon's stereotypical instincts! I'm personally going back to find that chapter(wouldn't mind a little help ;)*winkwinknudgenudge*). Honestly, this is the best MLPFiM Fanfic- EVER!~
UltraTheHedgetoaster Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Absolutelly freakin' love the entire story! :love: :aww: :+fav:

'tis be such a heartwarming / heart-wrenching tale, and I could empathize with dear Spike alllll the way through his journey. :nod:

I smiled at Spike's first attempts to get accustomed to his new body,
I facehoof'd when the leader of "Parents for a Peacefull Equestria" first showed up on the market place,
I was worried about the duel challenge,
Appalled by the medieval tradition of said duel in stark contrast modern Equestria,
Saddened when I learned of Spike's egg's origins,
Shocked by the harpoon being fired,
Touched by Huffy's and Trixie's tale of hardships and overcoming them,
Relieved to see the anti-dragon protesters finally listening to reason in the end,

And all the way happy to see the support that everypony gave him. :nod:

This is, easily, on the same level as "Past Sins", if not better. :nod:
(I'd have to read both again back-to-back for a definite judgement :shrug:)

I've seen several comics / artist-speculations about how, when Spike grows older, he'd have to leave.
But I for one much certainly prefer this alternative. ;)

Only minor "critique" I might have was that somehow, the fightscene seemed to fall short after the buildup throughout the entire story.
Might have worked better with a cliffhanger ending, and the fight being continued in the following chapter. Although then again, that might've turned into a DBZ-type of fight :shrug: (those always span across several episodes ^^;)

I'm also looking forward to the corresponding segment of "Sweety Bell Chronicles" (whenever it's updated next anyhoof ^^;), as I'd certainly love to see this universe revisited! :nod:
determamfidd Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012
Hooray, I'm so happy you enjoyed it! :icondashawesomefaceplz:

The whole inspiration for the story came from seeing a few of those artist renditions you mention, and wondering "where's the in-between steps? What happens if he stays and doesn't leave?" I couldn't find anything to answer that, so I wrote it!

Ah, eep. Yeah, resolution of conflict is always tricky. That fight scene was a beast to write, and a beast to lead to. I sort of feel that it's the natural climax, and that the riot scene suffers in comparison, which is a shame and in something I need to work on in future.

All in all, thank you so much for reading and reviewing, and I'm completely chuffed that you enjoyed it! Thank you so much!
UltraTheHedgetoaster Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
The pleasure is all mine! :lol:
Thank you for providing a more positive outlook on Spike's future. :nod:

I am glad to hear I could give something back in return. :bow:
AwSweetHolyHell Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012
Powerful read.
I usually leave some criticism, but it's clearly not needed here, this feels rather professional.
Will be reading more at a my own lazy pace :p
determamfidd Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012
Aw, thank you so much! I'm so stoked you enjoyed it! (and thanks for the watch!)

AwSweetHolyHell Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012
Well, no probs, I'm the one who should thank you for a great read. (Though you drop the whole load in one batch xD)


Oh also, if you have some free time, could you give me some criticism on my own writing? Would help a lot getting feedback from someone with such a great style.
If it's all the same to you, of course, don't want to be a bother ^^
determamfidd Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012
Of course, I'd be happy to! Off to read now!:D
Darklordcomp Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
yes moar so much moar
determamfidd Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012

(See, I promised I'd put it on DA!)
Darklordcomp Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I would kiss u if you were a girl but a brohoof is just as good
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